Out With the Old and In With the New: Detoxing the RIGHT Way

We’ve all heard how important a good detox can be for jump-starting a diet, cleaning the colon, as well as general body health.  These things are all true, but the sort of detoxifying regimen and the length of the detoxifying regimen is what is most important.  Remember, the way to lose weight and to keep your body healthy is to eat a clean nutritious diet.  Lots of fresh foods, plenty of fiber, lean protein, and good fats.

The cleanse I hear most people talking about is the Master Cleanse.  It consists of a laxative tea or water with 2 teaspoons of salt every morning and at least ten days of a lemonade made with water, lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper.  I know of no medical professional who approves of this cleanse.  It contains only simple sugars.  There are no essential fats, proteins, or fiber (which is the colon’s toothbrush), although, since you do not eat anything for ten days and take laxatives each morning it can be no wonder why your system is cleaned out, but you are entirely at risk for being malnourished.

There are some wonderful cleanses out there that can be used as a meal supplement.  Used along with a healthy diet these cleanses can help jumpstart your weight loss clean out your old habits while you’re bringing in your new habits.  Our favorite at Mixtures is made by a company called Metagenics.  Metagenics has a cleanse called the UltraClear RENEW cleanse.  It contains good fats, proteins, and fiber and is lower in sodium.  It is a perfect meal supplement to take to work and keep you going.  It will help cleans your liver (your body’s toxin filter), your colon (without the harshness of diarrhea), and has been shown to help with neuron function.  Xymogen Opticleanse is another brand that provides the same benefits and is also available at Mixtures!

Another great detox that I love for the morning is green tea mixed with Yogi Tea’s detox tea.  It is my favorite when I’ve eaten too much salt.  If tea is difficult there are other tablet forms of detox (like Metagenics AdvaClear.  Metagenics makes a great deal of effort to make their products as hypoallergenic as possible and they are of extremely high quality.  If you stop by Mixtures, or call, we can set you on the right track to make your resolutions come true.

Remember to detox correctly you must support adequate nutrition.  Nutrition keeps your body in balance which balances your hormones and, therefore, your metabolism.  See our blogs on carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and sodium to help guide you through the new year.  If you have questions please tweet, facebook, or comment and we’ll see what we can do to help!

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