Ideas for Management, Questions to Ask Your Doctor & Pharmacist, and Diabetes Resources

Ideas For Management:

  • Food Journals:  Write down what you ate, when it was, when you took your insulin, how much you took and your blood sugars.  If you do not use insulin a food journal will still be helpful for your doctor and diabetic educator.
  • Use measuring devices:  Humans are HORRIBLE at estimating quantity.  Scales are relatively inexpensive and who doesn’t have measuring cups and spoons?
  • Watch your carbs:  Shoot for ONE SERVING per meal (read that nutrition label)
  • Exercise:  Chart this in your journal too.  This will help you see your progress and help you figure out how it helps your blood sugars and which ones are better for your sugars.  For example: I do much better with toning workouts because they keep my blood sugars steady.  If I do too high intensity of a workout my blood sugars crash (and then I raid the fridge).  No one says you need to run or do high intensity interval training.  Just go for a walk or do some weight lifting with some soup cans.  Something is always better than nothing.
  • Stick yourself:  I know it isn’t pleasant to poke yourself with your lancets or your insulin needles.  I have an uncle who doesn’t like needles and he told my Grandmother (a long time diabetic) “Oh I’d die if I had to do that all the time.”  She told him “No, you’d die if you didn’t.”  If you don’t test when your doctor wants you to test then you’re ignoring your body.  Your pancreas and liver can’t keep track of your sugars anymore so it’s time for YOU to do it.
  • Read, read, read:  Knowledge is power.  Don’t believe everything you read, but take what you read and ask for help deciphering its significance.
  • Communicate with your doctor and pharmacist:  We’re here to help you.  If you don’t know how to read a nutrition label, ask!  If you want to know if those FiberOne Bars really are better for you, ASK!  No one is going to make fun of you.  If something about your treatment is frustrating you, tell us.

Questions to Ask:

  • How does my medication work?
  • When should I take my blood sugar?
  • Why should I take my blood sugar at that time?
  • How am I doing?
  • What can I do to lose weight?
  • What can I do to my diet to help manage my blood sugar better?
  • I have an injury and I don’t know how to exercise.  What can I do?
  • I feel overwhelmed.  Explain what is going on.
  • What are my goals?
  • How do I meet my goals?
  • What goal should be my biggest priority?


  •  This is an internet site that also has books and apps that helps you figure out serving sizes, carbs, and calories.  It contains regular food AND restaurant food!  So handy to go out to dinner!
  •  This is the American Diabetes Association.  It is fairly easy to navigate and contains everything from diet, to fitness, to diabetes basics.  It is an AMAZING resource.  The only thing I don’t like is that sometimes they utilize the fake sugars too much, which have been clinically shown to cause weight gain.
  •  This has food information, recipes, getting fit tips, help with smoking cessation, apps, food journals, articles.  Lots and lots of info and ideas!
  •  The American Heart Association also has health tips, recipes, and getting fit tips.

There is so much information out there!  Go out and take diabetes by the horns.  Remember, you’re the boss!!

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