What is Low Dose Naltrexone Treatment, What Can It Do For You, and What Can You Do For Research?

This is a blog we posted around 2011.  We are trying to get the word out about this treatment and help fuel research.  Please read and follow the links and YouTube video below!  Thank you so much! Your’s In Health, Mixtures Pharmacy Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) is a much smaller dose of naltrexone than what […]

Magnesium Deficiency: The Mineral for What Ails You

A couple weeks ago I put out a shout out for help choosing a new topic for the blog.  I have tons of opinions and lots of things that I’m interested in, but I want to write about things that interest you, as my readers.  A pharmacist friend of mine suggested that I write about […]

How does the thyroid work?

There are several important pieces in the Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Thyroid (HPT) axis which help regulate our thyroid function.  First let’s talk about the flow of the thyroid “conversation” in our body.  The pituitary gland is a little gland, about the size of a small pea, in our brain.  This gland sends out a messenger, Thyroid Stimulating Hormone […]