Does This Fat Make Me Look Fat?

The answer is… maybe.  I know we all just got done with Thanksgiving and now we’re heading into the holidays, which usually means diet doom.  It doesn’t have to though.  We’ve already discussed my unhealthy love affair with food, but even I have lost weight during Christmas.  When we worry about gaining weight we think […]

Osteoporosis: How to NOT Give Yourself a Break

Osteoporosis is a really hot topic right now.  And it should be.  As we get older our bones become more brittle and do not rebuild themselves as they did when we were younger.  Part of this has to do with our nutrition and our activity levels.  These things are called “modifiable risk factors.”  Other things […]

Vitamin D – Why do I need it?

Vitamin D has been overlooked as an aid to health. There are so many areas of health Vitamin D can contribute. Mental health: Have you ever wondered why Thanksgiving and Christmas can be difficult for some? It may have something to do with the Vitamin D levels. In the areas of the country where we […]