A Quick Introduction!

So Lori, our fearless leader, has informed me that some of you thought she was the one writing the blog posts!  That is my fault.  I guess it was a bit of a shock when you found out if was some girl under 5 feet writing the blogs… not Lori obviously, haha!  So here we go with some quick introductions to the pharmacists at Mixtures:

Lori Allen RPh (aka Fearless Leader):

   Lori is one of the three owners at Mixtures and all of you are probably very familiar with her.  I am totally aware that she is everyone’s favorite since everyone who calls asks for her first.  She is our head pharmacist and she works Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, but also has days she does consultations.  She’s our boss, our teacher, and our friend and I wouldn’t have become a pharmacist without her.








   Next, there is Abby White PharmD.  Abby is the pharmacist you will talk to on Tuesdays and Fridays.  Don’t let the fact that she’s young fool you.  Abby is sharp as a tack.  She is very knowledgeable about compounding, hormone replacement therapy (HRT), and naturopathic medicine.  Never be afraid to ask her questions.









  And then there is me.  Heather Folkner PharmD.  I just graduated and I’m your blogger.  You may or may not recognize me.  I started at Mixtures in 2007 as a technician and later became a pharmacy intern, and now I am honored to be one of it’s pharmacists.  I will be at Mixtures on days that Abby and Lori need a day off.  I hope to see you all soon!

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