Week 2: Traveling, Eating, and Staying Motivated

Okay, I admit it.  I fell off the wagon this week.  This weekend was hard!  Between traveling in a car, going out to dinner, and prepping to go to weddings I got a little distracted.  I didn’t work out while I was there, I totally crashed on the diet one day.  I didn’t have to count calories to know that.  I thought about all this on the ride home and so I came up with a few things and some are just a few thoughts:

  1. Just take the time to do your calorie counts.  Holy cow it takes one second just do it… we’ll see if me scolding myself works.
  2. Do SOMETHING active.  Go on a walk after dinner.  Bring a yoga mat and work out in your room if you’re nowhere near a gym.  Wo/Man up!
  3. If you get the chance, dance.  I danced for 5 hours at the wedding Saturday and my entire body hurts so good.  Amazing.

I’m sorry to keep it short.  The week is going to go by quick!  I will add more on Thursday.  Promise!  Just don’t beat yourself up to hard.  This is a lifestyle change not a diet.  I have no deadline, I just need to sink into the habit of being healthy.  Routine routine routine!

2 thoughts on “Week 2: Traveling, Eating, and Staying Motivated

  1. Ah, me too. I’ve slipped up on food for the past two weekends. And so all my hard work from the previous week was outdone plus some. Going to work definitely helps me stay on my diet track but bumps me from my exercise one. They say it takes about 21 days to make a habit, right? If you do it every day consistently, or it can take a longer. If we focus on the shorter goals of just 3 weeks, it will be automatic! Just like all pharmacy processes. 🙂 I can do a quick 25 squats every morning in between getting dressed and making coffee, I can! Miss you lots! Looks like while you were down here, I was even further south.
    Oh and another tip, that you just reminded me of: The internet has lots of free workout videos. Tarastiles.com has a quickie yoga videos that are fun and relaxing. She introduced me to the Toneitup gals.
    Now, on towards another week of improvement!!

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