Work It ‘Cause You’re Worth It!

Summer is on it’s way!  How can I tell?  Is it that the days are longer?  Is it that it is getting hot?  Is it that I’m getting fewer and fewer prescriptions for antibiotics?  Nope!  It’s that the bloody Sensa and Hydroxycut commercials seem to be playing back to back.  I completely understand that fitting […]

Week 2: Traveling, Eating, and Staying Motivated

Okay, I admit it.  I fell off the wagon this week.  This weekend was hard!  Between traveling in a car, going out to dinner, and prepping to go to weddings I got a little distracted.  I didn’t work out while I was there, I totally crashed on the diet one day.  I didn’t have to […]

Week 1- Tracking and Motivation

I know my status changes have made me seem like one of these uber skinny chicks who has never had to struggle with my weight or eating, but I’m here right now to prove you wrong and maybe lend a little assistance to those of you who are struggling.  Let me give you a quick […]